Check Cloud OCR SDK availability on the Service Status page

From this post you will learn how to get real-time answers on your questions relating to Cloud OCR SDK availability.

These days, many of us use cloud services - from e-mail to online translators and from banking apps to enterprise-level services. In rare cases, some services may be slower than normal, or some features may be temporarily unavailable. Sometimes, normal operation are restored pretty quickly but to be on the safe side, it’s always good to be informed about what’s going on, so one can act as the situation demands.

Which is why we recently introduced the Service Status dashboard for Cloud OCR SDK. The status dashboard keeps you up-to-date with the status of the Service in real time, without the necessity to contact the support.

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How to test OCR SDK

Choosing the right OCR SDK is important because the decision you make today will influence your company for years to come. Replacing the technology on a later stage might be accompanied by difficulties. Therefore, a thorough testing and evaluation process is inevitable.

However, for following reasons, an evaluation of OCR SDK products might be challenging:

  1. To test the OCR engine, you need a testing tool and a big database of sample images.
  2. There are many OCR vendors offering SDKs, and, while there have been some public tests from reliable sources, most of these tests were more academic than practical as they were conducted under some general conditions. Relevant and practically applicable test results should be obtained in reallife conditions determined by the planned use case. We’ll talk about this more below.
  3. Several parameters must be tested, sometimes, in several languages: level of words/symbols accuracy, layout retention in MS Office formats, file size of created PDF, etc. Some of these parameters can be tested automatically while others can be checked only with the eyes. For different tasks/scenarios you might have to test different parameters.
  4. To tune OCR for a particular task, a developer is expected in most cases to have at least a basic knowledge of OCR technology.

Years of working and interacting with developers testing OCR SDKs tell us how painful this process could be and that is the reason why we have decided to prepare this guide that describes key aspects of OCR SDK testing:

  • Image base preparation
  • How to measure OCR accuracy
  • How to measure speed
  • SDK distribution size

And others.

Download the guide "How to test OCR SDK".

5 Ways that GUI Test Automation Produces Apps Faster

GUI Test Automation Produces Applications Faster

Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing is one of the most complicated tasks in software test automation. Even a simple desktop, mobile or online GUI application allows for hundreds of possible operations. This makes GUI test automation an increasingly indispensable tool for developers.

Traditionally, most GUI testing has been done by humans, but today’s fast-paced demand for applications and solutions doesn’t allow for wasted time. As a result, companies are looking into GUI Test Automation to speed the pace of development.

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